Ireland, a multicultural country.

Posted on April 17th, 2021 by Cleo Barral

Globalisation has a significant impact on many areas of society, which is evident in the economy, technology, communication, business, culture, and the workplace.  Globalisation increases the amount of trade or business mobility and influences the migration of people worldwide. 

An example of this is the European Union, where the integration of markets allows borderless businesses and the free migration of the population.  

Ireland is one of the countries within the EU that has undergone significant change in recent years due to economic growth.  There has been a considerable influx of immigrants to Ireland in recent years.  According to the Census of Ireland Population (Census 2016 Summary Results – Part 1), around 535,475 foreigners live (working or studying) in Ireland, from 200 different nations. 

Immigration in Ireland has brought a diversity of cultures. Looking around Dublin City Centre, there is clear evidence of different races, colour and languages. However, the impact is evident beyond the streets, in many other areas of society.

Multicultural teams have emerged in the colleges and in both national and international companies. Over the past few years, Ireland has attracted and received students and professionals from different parts of the world. According to the Irish University Association, International Students are currently over 32,000 studying in the country. Additionally,  Ireland’s workforce has 347,233 professionals from other countries (Labour Force, Nationality, Migration, Foreign Languages – CSO).

Ireland embraces diversity and a valuable mix of cultures. The multinational environment creates an important opportunity for students and professionals to exchange their ideas, experiences and perspectives through one common language – English.