Moving abroad

Posted on June 10th, 2021 by Joanne Hayden 

Go Prepared!


Moving abroad is a difficult and daunting task. Leaving the comforts of your home, your family and friends and culture is a massive step. Arriving ill-prepared to a new country can be detrimental to your overall experience. By preparing, researching and talking to others, you’re setting yourself up for success and a much better experience in the long run. 

Philip Lira moved all the way from Brazil to Ireland. Here are his important tips to do before the big move…

‘I think that learning as much as possible about your ‘new’ country is the most important tip. I googled Ireland a lot before I moved and I researched all about the weather, food and lifestyle as well. Seriously, I have met so many  foreign students who complain about the weather in Ireland. It is unbelievable that someone who is planning to move to Ireland doesn’t realise that it rains almost every single day here. Google it! 

You should also improve your English a little bit beforehand. I regret that I did not use Duolingo or YouTube when I was in Brazil. There are many people teaching English for beginners on YouTube and it is free.   

When I first arrived in Ireland, I made many Brazilian friends and it was great. It was so handy at the start but it does make you forget that you moved to Ireland to study and talk in English with native speakers.  I strongly advise everybody who is moving abroad to remember this and be open to making friends from Ireland and different countries as well. 

English is the golden ticket and you cannot improve your quality of life if you are not able to speak the language properly and fluently.  But three years on I love living here and I know that speaking English has transformed my life.’