Details of new classes will be available in January 2024


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Details of new classes will be available in January 2024

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Joanne is an amazing teacher, who seeks not only to make her students into English speakers, but to bring out the best in each of them. Joanne always goes beyond, she does not stick to the books content, she always introduces more content to bring more understanding to the student. The way she teaches makes the language easier, more fun and we feel a faster evolution when we learn with her. I could write a thousand compliments for her, and it would not be enough to show how excellent she is and how much she connects with the people she teaches. I can only thank her for the brilliant teacher she is, who has helped me so much to evolve as an English speaker and as a human being.
Alessandra La Torre - Brazil
Joanne is more than an English teacher. She provides excellent classes with humor, easy examples and also with a lot of focus on pronunciation. My experience with her has been the best. She was the best choice in my opinion for me to learn, improve and practice my English. She helped me throughout the process of getting a new job, by correcting my CV and advising me with the best answers to give in the interviews. Consequently, I got the job much faster than I thought I was going to. I‘ve decided to take my IELTS and she has made all the difference in my preparation. From start to finish I couldn't recommend Joanne enough.
Barbara Romao - Brazil
Joanne is not an ordinary English teacher. Our lessons are very enjoyable but we cover a lot of topics in each class. She finds an individual approach to each student. Each lesson can be used in your daily life or in your job. Also, you can hear the real English language being spoken. You have to understand that lessons with a native speaker are absolutely different from the lessons I have in Ukraine. Also, you will always be in a good mood after your lessons. She is an Energizer and a super optimistic person who motivates you to study.
Tetiana - Ukraine

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