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If you are not sure about which level you are or which class is more suitable, please book the tester class. This is a 30 min class to find out which level you are, and you can get to know me a bit better.

Introduction To English

Never Learned English before – why not get started here!

These classes are aimed at A0 or A1 level.

The classes are small with no more than 6 students.

So let’s get started here. These classes are fun and enjoyable and will start you on your journey to learning English!

Meet new people who are also learning and improving your English together in a relaxed environment!

English Conversation and Fluency

There are three main levels to choose from. 

A2 – Advanced Beginners
B1 – B2 – Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate
C1 – C2 – Advanced English

The classes are very small with a maximum of 4 students.

They are suitable for those who want to improve their English and move it to the next level.
The classes are designed to build up your vocabulary, use grammar in the right context, and become more comfortable speaking English in conversations and discussions. You will also work on the many aspects of English such as reading, writing and listening, helping you achieve fluency.

One to One Personalised Classes

Suitable for upper-intermediate and advanced language speakers (B2 – C2).

These one-to-one classes are aimed at those who wish to improve their English in a business environment.  English has become the ‘international’ language in which to do business and being able to communicate clearly and effectively could change they way you work with different companies/organisations around the world.  These classes are aimed at meeting your needs. You will focus only on the specific English skills which you wish to improve on. 

Interview Skills Classes

These classes are very small with a maximum number of 2 students. 

They are aimed at B1+ English. 

These classes are for those who are looking for a new position in the global market and for whom English is not their mother tongue.

Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to prepare for job interviews by simulating the most common questions, tailoring the vocabulary for the industry you are applying to and improving the confidence of your language skills to receive the job offer.

IELTS Exam Preparation

These classes are for students at B1  –  C2 English.

IELTS is one of the most popular English language proficiency exams which is recognised internationally. The exam is divided into four sections: reading, writing, listening and speaking.  The certificate remains valid for 2 years.  

This course is aimed at supporting students and professionals who wish to increase their IELTS score or reach 6.5, the usual requirement for many English speaking Universities.   

Students must remember that to get a high score you must understand the ‘technical’ aspects of the exam and how to use your time carefully.  All of the these will be covered in these classes with plenty of practice in all four sections of the exam. 

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